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The first robotic vacuum cleaner or robovac appeared in 1996. At the time, it was such an interesting novelty that it got some air time on BBC’s Tomorrow’s World. Fast forward twenty plus years and robovacs are still an amazing household appliance.

To help you get a better idea of how cool and useful these appliances are, we’ve reviewed Samsung’s Powerbot R7040. This robovac is Alexa-compatible, wifi-enabled, and equipped with improved sensors to better find its way around your home.

There are seven other Powerbot models. Star Wars fans can even get a Powerbot that looks like a stormtrooper. But it is the R7040 that delivers an optimal combination of advanced features and reliable performance.

Samsung Power bot
Samsung PowerBot R7040


Specs Table

Samsung Powerbot R7040
Powerful Vacuuming – the R7040 is 20 times more powerful than some older models
FullView Sensor 2.0 – new sensors allow for better navigation around your house
Wifi Connectivity – you can use a smartphone app to control your R7040
Edge Clean Master – a special rubber blade for the hard-to-reach areas
CycloneForce – technology that increases suction
EasyPass – a set of big wheels ensures smooth movement over obstacles
Large Brush – an oversized motorized brush for stubborn dirt
Smart Power Control – adjusts automatically to the surface type
Recharge & Resume – the R7040 goes back to the docking station on its own to recharge
Schedule – set your preferred cleaning schedule
Washable Filter

The Samsung Powerbot R7040 is a smart and powerful robovac. Its aim is to revolutionize vacuuming and become an indispensable gadget for every home.

The R7040 Powerbot also sports advanced technologies like Edge Clean, CycloneForce, and EasyPass to help you keep your floor in pristine condition.

Who’s the Product For?

No matter which way you look at it, the Samsung Powerbot R7040 can help anybody keep the floor in great condition. Furthermore, it would be wrong to assume that this robovac is only for the tech-savvy. In theory, you can even teach your grandma to use it.

Wifi connectivity is one of the coolest things about this device but it actually doesn’t need wifi to work. The instructions are straightforward and simple to follow. Set up the docking station, press start, and you are pretty much good to go. On top of that, the R7040 has about an hour of cleaning time between charges.

In general, this Samsung Powerbot is an excellent option for families, students, busy individuals, and small companies. As you may know, families often consider vacuuming a tedious chore. But a robovac can turn the chore into a fun activity, especially if you let the children set up the Powerbot.

Busy individuals and student can enjoy the R7040’s scheduling options. The robovac can do all the hard work while they’re away. And small companies and startups can save on cleaning and maintenance if they have a Powerbot R7040.

Powerbot room scan
Samsung Powerbot full view sensor. Credit:

Pros of Product

FullView Sensor 2.0

A quality robovac needs to know its way around. Imagine what it would be like if it stopped midway through your living room just because it encountered an obstacle.

The FullView technology allows the Powerbot R7040 to map out all the areas in your home that it can access. The smart sensors ensure the R7040 don’t fall off stairs and the onboard camera helps this robovac avoid obstacles.

Edge Clean Master

Cleaning the edges has long been almost impossible for robovacs due to certain design limitations. But Samsung introduced an extendable blade that easily reaches all the tight spots around your home.

Once the R7040 hits a wall, a special rubber blade pops out to scoop up all the dust and dirt at the edges and around corners.


CycloneForce is Samsung technology that delivers uniform vacuuming power and reduces clogging. The R7040 uses centrifugal force to push the debris to its outer chamber. This action minimizes clogging and ensures optimal suction power.

More Powerful Cleaning

Besides the above-mentioned technologies, the R7040 comes with a few other advanced features to enhance its overall performance. The suction is about 20 times more powerful than the baseline models. You should immediately notice the power by the sound of this robovac.

An oversized rotating brush is there to loosen and pick up all the stubborn dirt that’s stuck in your carpet. And the EasyPass wheels extend about an inch to allow the R7040 to move over small obstacles.

carpets and hardwood floors

Smart Features

The smart features make this model a true robovac for the 21st century. You should be able to easily control all the functions via a smartphone app, but that’s not all. The R7040 is a great gadget for those looking for a device to integrate into their smart home.

You can easily connect the R7040 with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This would allow you to do something everybody wants – vacuum while lounging around on your couch.

Cons of Product

As a vacuum cleaner, the Samsung Powerbot R7040 performs great but there are a few points of possible improvement to consider.

The Repeat Function

The repeat function is great if you want the robovac to pick up even the tiniest of particles. But this option has a negative effect on battery life. When the repeat function is on, the R7040 cleans and cleans until it completely runs out of battery. It doesn’t go back to the dock to recharge.

This function is turned on by default so you should turn it off to ensure the R7040 stays charged.


The App

The smartphone app might have some compatibility issues. It might be prone to crashes and fail to properly scale on phones such as the iPhone 7+. But any problems with the app should be solved in future updates.

On the other hand, you don’t actually need the app since the R7040 has a remote that has the same functions. There are also buttons on the unit to turn it on or off.


Slow Learner

The R7040 is a very smart robovac but it might take some time before it maps out all the obstacles around your house. It would continue to bang on chairs, tables, and other things until it learns to avoid them.

Some users might find this annoying but it doesn’t actually impede the robovac’s ability to clean.


This Samsung Powerbot is designed to reach all the nooks and crannies around your house and it will do its best to do that. But don’t be surprised if you find it stuck under a chair or your bed for being too diligent.

The Hoover of the Future

Since their inception in 1996, robovacs have gone through a lot of upgrades and design improvements. Today, some of the best models feature smart home compatibility and wifi to make them more versatile. Not to mention the fact that they’ve become almost as powerful as traditional vacuum cleaners.

The Samsung Powerbot lineup has some of the best robovacs currently available. The R7040, in particular, delivers excellent value for the money. But there are Powerbot models with even greater vacuuming power, capacity, and cleaning capabilities.

The R9250, for example, is a premium Powerbot from Samsung. It has the greatest suction power and yet to meet a floor that it cannot handle. Needless to say, it also comes at a premium price which might not fit the budget of every smart home.

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