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Television has always been a great source of entertainment for children in their time off. It is one of the best ways for them to have fun after they finish their homework. In recent years, more and more producers have been encouraged to make TV series or films dedicated to children. One of the biggest creators of kids content is the Netflix platform, which today most families have access to from their smart tv or device.

Although they initially offered a subscription service based on renting of movies from home, Netflix has been able to adapt to the needs of a more tech-based audience. Today the American company’s business model is based on the online transmission and the domestic shipping of DVD’s. The popular brand allows you to instantly see content through any device connected to the internet, which makes it easy for many families to be entertained.

With a wide range of products dedicated to the entertainment of children, Netflix has earned a place in our daily lives.

Quicklook: Netflix for Kids

  • Coco
  • Shrek
  • Pocoyo
  • Ask the StoryBots
  • Trollhunters
  • Benji

Netflix’s online service is based on a very affordable monthly subscription for all types of families. The variety of audiovisual products, especially children, makes it a must in every home. It is perfect for children looking for some quality entertainment, in addition to shows that offer an educational theme. With just one click, your children can enjoy a wide variety of programs.

In this article, we will show you a list of different shows that are broadcasted on Netflix and that your children will love. Parents, now you can do your own thing around the house without worrying about what kids will see on tv. A new way to watch audiovisual content is here to stay.

What to look for in Netflix Kids


It is important to know what kind of audiovisual product you want to play to your child. Netflix includes a wide range of films of different styles and duration, so it is advisable to know what we are playing in advance. There are films adapted for all kinds of children, so it is necessary to know the tastes of your child.

TV Series

Choosing the right kind of show is made easy through the Netflix platform. Most Netflix children’s series are excellent, but in the following list we have chosen the most popular and in-demand. You will also be helping engage your kid’s mind, since there are very creative products that will help their learning process.


Through Netflix you can access a catalog of audiovisual products from different categories. In particular, the educational shows will be very instructive for children to be oriented in their day-to-day tasks. Kids today can have access to a large amount of access to information and content. It is important to teach them to find the perfect product to have fun at home with shows or films that provide values to help their personal development. Nowadays you can have fun and learn at the same time!


On the Netflix digital platform, your children can choose products of different genres. In the following list we have selected products that bring together various facets such as action, drama, comedy, cartoons, etc. Take a look at the selection and check the great variety that Netflix has!

Picked For Your Family

To choose the list that we offer below we have conducted an in-depth study based on the opinion of the parents. The most demanded products are those that are based on a style of film that adapts to the needs of any child. They are movies with stories that try to teach something to each child. Netflix offers many different shows, and to decide, different reviews in posts have been an important factor in choosing this list. In addition, we have taken into account the criteria of professionals from the audiovisual sector. Social networks have also helped our selection, so there is a great diversity of opinions that has made us decide for the following six shows.

The Best Movies & Shows for Kids on Netflix

Best For The Whole Family: Coco

This 2017 film is relatively new and has some exceptional graphics. Produced by Disney’s Pixar, they were inspired by the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead. Netflix incorporated this production last May 2018 into its US catalog. Winner of the Oscar for best animated film and best original song, get ready for your kid to share a very funny adventure.

Genre: Animation, dramatic comedy and fantasy.


It’s about Miguel, a boy who dreams of being a musician but his family does not let him develop his skills. His great-great-grandfather abandoned them to be a musician, and this makes the family force Miguel to continue with the family profession of shoemaking. However, after accidentally entering the Land of the Dead, Miguel will only be able to leave if his family grants him the blessing, which will be given to him if he promises that he will not be a musician. For that reason, Miguel undertakes an adventure in search of his great-great-grandfather to discover why.

Best For Kids 5+: Shrek

Another animated film that is part of the Netflix catalog. Due to its popularity, there have been five productions made since 2001. It is part of the AFI’s 10 Top 10 in animated films. Despite being a children’s film, it is a film for kids over five years of age.

Genre: Animation, adventure and comedy.

There are five films in which an ogre named Shrek is immersed in fun adventures with Donkey, who appears in his life after fairy tales creatures are banned. All the shenanigans happen when the cast out fairy tale characters invade his swamp in search of a place to live. To save his swamp, he makes a deal with Lord Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona and take her back to be his girlfriend. This is just the beginning of many adventures of Shrek, who also has a Christmas movie produced in 2008.


This series of cartoons is made for children from 1 to 4 years old, although this original show created in 2006 has been adapted over the years. It is a product of Cartoon Network Studios in which psychologists and children educators created to transmit positive messages and values such as joy, effort and friendship. It is one of the favorite cartoons of younger audience today.


Animation and preschool education.

What is it?

In this 3D animation series, Pocoyo is the main role that stands out for being a very curious short-age child who lives in an imaginary world. In each chapter, Pocoyo experiences new adventures of different types with his animal friends, in which a duck and a female elephant play an active role. Each story in this show shows experiences based on games and adventures.

Ask the StoryBots

If you think your child will enjoy watching a short but very funny series, Ask The StoryBots is the way to go! The production focuses on constant learning about the questions that arise in our day to day. Produced by Jib Jab Studios, it debuted on Netflix on August 12, 2016. Since then, the success of this production has been nominated for numerous awards. Although the seasons are shorter than other series, it is a great choice for your child.


Educational and animation.

What is it?

StoryBots are small robots that live on our computers and phones. They are very curious, questioning every aspect of daily life. In each episode, the protagonists will try to find answers to all those questions. In the end, the characters are rewarded for their patience with catchy and fun songs.


A fantasy action and adventure experience with Trollhunters awaits your kid. Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this is a TV series produced by Dreamworks Animation that has about 52 episodes on Netflix. It is a very imaginative show that has plenty of twists and turns for your child to enjoy.


Animation, adventure, and children.

What is it?

Jim Lake is a young adventurer who has discovered a civilization of trolls in the Arcadia village. Since then he decides to protect the good trolls at all costs. Jim will have to fight to make sure the strange amulet he found and which turned him into Trollhunter, is safeguarded from the bad ones.


Despite being the oldest show on the list, Benji is a classic in every house. This film shot in 1974 won an Oscar for best original song. Its popularity made Netflix decide to film a ‘remake’ in 2018. Recommended for children from four years.


Adventure, comedy, drama and family.

What is it?

Benji’s film is about a stray dog that lives in a small town in Texas. Benji’s personality makes him become friends with everyone, so he has no problems finding food and attention. After befriending another dog, he sees two of his friends get kidnapped, so he goes on the mission of rescuing them.

High-quality audiovisual products for your children

Netflix has good programs to offer for kids. It’s great to know that you are going to leave your children watching a series or movie that will affect them positively in their life. In addition, all the shows named above are very fun to watch, even for you! Try to sit down with your kid to watch an episode or movie and get ready to share a laugh.

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