Google Home VS Amazon Echo

Want to add an assistant to your household?

Smart speakers can make your life easier whether you are using them in their simplest form, “turn on the music” or for everyday tasks, “turn out the lights off at 9:00 pm”, these devices have changed how many people live their daily lives. By far the biggest names in this industry are Google Home and … Continued

Best Juicers

Everyone loves a good juice cleanse

Cultures like the Mediterranean and Oriental have been serving fruit and vegetable juices for hundreds of years. The health benefits of drinking pure fruit and vegetable juices are virtually endless. In 1930 the first commercially available juicer was invented by W. Walker who designed the Norwalk with a hydraulic press system. You can still purchase … Continued

Best Smoothie Blender

Make cute drinks to post on the Gram

From 1922 to 2019: Same Concept, More Variety. Smoothie blenders are essential to every kitchen. The history of the blender is linked to the world of cooking. In 1922 Stephen Poplawski created the first blender. It was actually Fred Osius who was able to improve it and release it to the public as the newly … Continued

Best Perfume For Women

More than just our two scents

Scents can be such a personal touch. They can elevate our mood, make us feel powerful or sexy. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite perfumes out there. These scents are sure to ramp up your personal flair. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel A fragrance that is irresistibly sexy and spirited. A sparkling … Continued

Best Baby Bottles

Our top 4 baby bottles.

Although breastfeeding was a common practice in ancient times, babies were often bottle-fed as well. Bottles were used for babies to drink both breast milk and animal milk. Common early forms of baby bottles included cow horns, terracotta jugs, and goblets. A turning point came in the 16th century when feeding bottles actually began to … Continued

Best Headphones For Running

Headphones that stay in your ears for runners

If you’re a serious runner, you can bear witness; the only thing that’s more important than comfortable sneakers is a pair of quality running headphones and an awesome playlist. Its true running is good for your health. It keeps your body in shape and builds your stamina. However, it sucks and feels like torture without … Continued

DJI Spark Review

Go above and beyond with your videos

If you are into aerial photography and videography, DJI is the company that does not need too much introduction. In fact, DJI is so popular and powerful that it recently upped its game by acquiring Hasselblad – the renowned Swedish medium-format camera manufacturer. To put things into perspective, Hasselblad was the camera that took the … Continued