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Are you looking for different cooking recipes for your children? Do your kids frequently leave their food on their plates? Do they not like vegetables? In this article, we give you some dinner ideas for your children to fully enjoy their meals.

Children have always given parents more than a headache at dinner time. They try to escape from eating broccoli, carrots, or any other vegetable to end up eating sweets and chocolates. That is why you have to look for innovative and creative ideas that attract your children. It is very important to find an intermediate point for your children to be interested in eating everything. All food has to be complete, healthy, varied and easy to eat. Don’t you know what to prepare for dinner to your kid? Take note of the following suggestions.

Variety, Innovation and Nutrients

If you are one of those parents who like challenges and are thinking of changing your child’s eating habits, you are in the right place. The key to a child’s interest in a complete dinner is based on easy and eye-catching dishes. This way your kid will maintain a balanced diet and be entertained with new meals.

As you know, for a perfect diet it is important to have a variety of nutrients that help children grow. Knowing what to feed the little ones every day is a difficult task. The most important thing is to know the tastes of your children before thinking about ideas. A basic tip to organize these entertaining meals is to sit down once a week and create an fun weekly meal plan. If you think of healthy and innovative foods children will love you forever.

In this article we will discuss a series of dinners for children that will surely help you eat your meal more easily.

Quicklook: Dinner Ideas for Kids

  • Easy to introduce international dishes
  • Play with shapes
  • Reward Day
  • Cooking together
  • More soups and stews
  • Invite their friends to dinner

What to look for Dinner Ideas for Kids

Healthy diet

Establishing a healthy and balanced menu is the most important thing to ensure good health and optimal growth. This is the most fundamental aspect for most parents. You always have to find that middle point to offer the necessary vitamins for your kid’s life. Although they are not usually attracted to vegetables or fruits, it is essential that you incorporate it into their diet.

The children’s diet will vary according to their age, sex, daily activity, etc. It is important that at each dinner they maintain the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, hydrates and fats since they spend a lot of energy during the day.


To avoid wasting money on meals without the necessary nutrients, it is best to spend an hour a week preparing those dinners that best suit your pocket. However, if you can afford to buy a large variety of foods, it is perfect if you try to choose unprocessed foods, despite being a little more expensive.


Are you worried because you are very busy and your children end up having the same dinner as usual? Well, preparing dinners during your free time will give you a break during the week. This way you can be more innovative and your child will appreciate eating something different. One of the ideas to keep in mind is to leave most of the food prepared, so you only to have to heat or finish them at the last moment. Leaving the food prepared does not affect the nutritional aspects, so it’s okay if you decide to freeze meals for a few days or weeks.


The most difficult point of the list. Children are undoubtedly the most critical little eaters. They want to eat what most interests them. That is why it is necessary to know what’s the best way to catch them in a good mood. To do this, you must get creative and start innovating with different recipes.

The presentation plays a decisive factor, probably the most important of all. If your children see a creative, beautiful dish with fun shapes, then your life will be much easier. If your children have a favorite food, then you will have to mix it with others in a subtle way so they can finish the dish. It seems easy, right?


If you do not incorporate different ingredients daily, everyone in the house will get bored. It is necessary to give a nutritional plan that also satisfies the palate of your children. If they always eat the same thing, they will end up leaving it for something else. Try to go to your nearest market to see what is the seasonal fruit or vegetable and apply it in your dinners with other interesting foods. This way the flavor of the food will vary and you will notice that it is a fresh dish.

Another tip is to alternate different preparations using the oven, grill or steam before frying. However, it is ok to indulge from time to time. Who doesn’t like pizzas, fries, and hamburgers?


In the following list, we have chosen some kid-friendly dishes. Although it is important to eat healthy, there are also days when your child will appreciate eating something cooler. Based on a balanced diet, your child will notice a change thanks to these easy-to-make dinner ideas. Children have to feel included in the dinners, so they become aware of the importance of eating everything. Who knows, with luck, you may have a young chef in your family.

Dinner Ideas for Kids

Easy to introduce international dishes

If one day a week you decide to incorporate a dinner with international dishes, your children will be curious to try different things. In addition, it would also be fun to include the history and native words from the language of the country in which you were inspired to comment about it during dinner.

Spanish: Omelet of Potatoes

Made with olive oil, eggs, potato and onions.

Mexican: Quesadillas

Made mostly of cheese and tortilla, you can also add meat such as chicken, beef or pork.

Italian: Homemade Pizza

There are many varieties of pizza, the most popular among children is the Margherita Pizza, made mostly of cheese, tomato and spices.

Lebanese: Hummus

It is a dish that has recently become very popular for its tasty flavor. Made with spices and garbanzo.

Play with shapes

If you decide to encourage yourself to innovate, this may be an entertaining method for the whole family. You can convert the normal menu into a fun one based on shapes like faces, hearts, houses, etc. We leave you some images with curious shapes below.

Reward Day

This day may be the day when you reward your child with his favorite dish for having behaved well during the rest of the week. This factor can be an incentive for your child to start trying all kinds of food.

Cooking together

It is interesting that you spend time with your children. This task can be very fun to do as a family. You can have your child start learning about the foods they are eating and at the same time develop the ability to be more creative and innovative.

More soups and stews

These foods gather all the necessary nutrients to develop an effective growth. Not only will it benefit your health, but, according to the recipe, you can find yummy and tasty flavors to satisfy everyone.

Pot Beef Stew

Chicken Soup

Invite their friends to dinner

If you invite their friends to dinner, your son or daugther will want to make sure everyone finishes their meal. Talk to other parents and execute a plan based on visiting a different house every week. The other parents will feel reassured that they do not have to cook for a day!

Get To Work

If you were waiting for that motivation moment, today is your day. You just need a little time to get organized and see how your child grows up with fun and healthy dinners. Most parents confirm that their children do not finish their dishes daily … Maybe it’s time to put on their apron and get their hands dirty?

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