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YouTube, LLC is a video-sharing website created in February 2005 by PayPal employees. This video-sharing company was bought by Google in November 2006. It is a one-stop-shop where you can find tutorials and videos that interact in a direct way to their audience. This is something we never had in the past.

YouTube allows its users to view, share and upload content. Only the registered users are allowed to upload videos and comment on YouTube. Unregistered users can only watch and listen to videos that have been uploaded on YouTube.  

What Is a YouTube Channel?

When you become a member of YouTube, you are assigned a personal YouTube channel which acts as a homepage for your account. Businesses can also have YouTube channels.  A YouTube channel for a business is usually run by more than one person.

YouTube lets registered members customize the color scheme of their YouTube channels.  Moreover, they are allowed to control the information that appears on their personal channels.

Key Elements to Look For In YouTube Channels for Kids

Generally speaking, children love to watch videos that are crisp clear and listen to words that are articulated well. That being said, here are the key aspects to look for in a channel meant for your kids:

•    Topic Coverage

What is the video about? Is the topic covered extensively?

•    Age-Appropriateness

•    Reason to Watch

Will the video make your little one a better person at the end of the day? Or, is it a waste of time?

Many parents ignore the fact that, videos with an interesting hook and best sound quality are more attractive to children. They will tell you that a good video is all about “content and not style.”

Truly speaking, a good YouTube channel combines content and style. YouTube viewers eat with their eyes, and will naturally want to stick around a correctly styled video.

Veering off topic, long pauses, hopping from one subject to another can make kids start looking for other videos which seem more attractive. Go for channels that are fast-paced and engaging, either visually or with a story.

Why You Should Find a YouTube Channel for Your Child?

YouTube has continued to expand with flourishing video channels and is now recognized as an alternative to the traditional children’s television. The site rightfully boasts of hosting music videos, cartoons, nursery rhymes, and much more fun stuff that will entertain you and your children. A YouTube channel is not only a source of top-notch entertainment but also a well-known contributor to learning.

Lately, a lot of concerned parents have expressed frustration that there are no good YouTube channels out there for their children. It is on this background that we have decided to put together a list of 5 marvelous and educational YouTube Channels for every stage of your little one’s life:

1.    Kids TV-Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs

  • A channel full of episodes that involves your child and educates them
  • Each episode comes with a new lesson that will entertain your kid
  • Good for child development, in the early years
  • 10,523,207 subscribers

2.    Kids Channel-Cartoon Videos for Kids

  • A very popular channel that creates videos with the child in mind
  • Their specialty is videos that have beautiful educational graphs
  • Good for kids who fancy toy cars
  • Available in multiple languages
  • 3,677,796 subscribers

3. Super Simple Songs-Kids Songs



  • They use simple songs to educate your kids about diverse topics
  • Some episodes on the channel teach about the significance of family and friendship
  • Contains several clear, fun, upbeat videos, that will that will keep your children dancing throughout
  • 12,694,463 subscribers,
  • Check out their channel here

4. Sesame Street

I grew up watching this program on TV, and now it’s on YouTube; only that, it has gotten bigger and better.

I grew up watching this program on TV, and now it’s on YouTube; only that, it has gotten bigger and better.

  • Big Bird, Cookie, Elmo, Monster and their friends are all here with their best video clips
  • The YouTube channel has exciting, educational videos, suitable for young children
  • 4,555,987 subscribers

5. National Geographic Kids

  • One of the best channels for your smart kid, who is interested in the world they live in
  • This YouTube channel will help your kids learn about different people around the world
  • Since videos of fascinating animals are uploaded on a daily basis, your children will learn more about animals
  • 177,542 subscribers


However, not all channels on YouTube are age-appropriate. Moreover, children are influenced easily by what they see and hear, especially on social media. Some YouTube channels may show violent behavior, which you don’t want them to imitate. Additionally, too much YouTube can take away time from studying, and exercising. Therefore, it is your duty as a parent, to know the YouTube channels, which best suit your kids.  


Watch channels with your children, and talk about the videos with your little one. To set good YouTube channel viewing habits, choose programs for your kids to watch. Noteworthy, some channels are created with the science student in mind; those who love to make things pop and explode. Thus, always guide them while they perform these experiments. Lastly, never assume that all YouTube cartoons are appropriate because some questionable videos can sneak through the restricted filter.