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There’s a vegan revolution happening around you. You’ve changed your diet and you’ve changed the cosmetic products you buy. So, why not take the next step and buy vegan clothing brands?

You may have seen vegan labels on some popular brands the last time you went shopping. Major clothing lines are getting animal-friendly with their product offerings. Just because one item is vegan-friendly doesn’t mean all the products are.

There are clothing lines that specialize in only vegan clothing. Check out this selection of some of the best clothing brands on the market. Wear your vegan pride on the outside with select apparel from these brands.


What Is Vegan Clothing?

You may have heard of vegan diets. However, the vegan philosophy and lifestyle don’t stop at what you put in your body. Some vegans also pay attention to the fabrics and construction of apparel that go over the body.

Vegan clothing may also contain materials that are recycled or upcycled from old products. Using repurposed products can help limit the waste in landfills as well as potential toxic fumes from the manufacturing process.

Vegan Brands We Love

Some brands only make vegan clothing, while other brands may have a line of clothing or specific products that are vegan-friendly. Mix and match all you want. And get familiar with popular brands that have vegan items like:

When in doubt, always check the materials list. Some vegan clothing items aren’t directly advertised as vegan. So you may find some rare gems.

What to Look for in Vegan Clothing

One of the easiest ways to know if a clothing brand is vegan is by looking for a PETA-approved vegan logo. But not all clothing brands carry a PETA label. Does that mean they aren’t vegan-friendly?

Not necessarily! You can determine for yourself if the item you’re looking at is vegan simply by reading labels and checking out the material. Do you want to know what else to look for in vegan clothing?

Check out the criteria below:


Vegans don’t wear materials that come from animals. But that doesn’t mean that their apparel fabric options are limited. Here are the common vegan-approved fabric materials:

  • microfiber
  • bamboo
  • hemp
  • nylon
  • acrylic
  • linen
  • cotton
  • rayon
  • polyester
  • Tencel
  • viscose

Also, look for leather substitutes like:

  • faux leather
  • pineapple leather
  • biofabricated leather
  • mushroom leather
  • waxed canvas

Any “mock” or “fake” leathers are also suitable vegan materials, like “mock croc” or “fake snake.”

Upcycling, Recycling, and Repurposing

Does the clothing need to be recycled or repurposed to qualify as “vegan?” No. However, many vegan clothing brands go the extra mile and make sure that their products are made ethically and responsibly.

For some brands, that may mean repurposing vintage clothing to give them new life instead of ending up in a landfill. Or using recycled materials to create details on clothing.


In a perfect world, all your clothing comes with a “PETA approved vegan” tag on it. However, some brands don’t advertise that their clothing is vegan. Especially if they are individual pieces.

So, is there another way to find out if the latest fashion you have your eye on is vegan? Read the clothing tag or label. Check under the tongue or near the back inside of a shoe for its materials. Clothing items usually have the materials listed on a label at the waistband or near the bottom.


Vegan clothing has become more accessible because of online shopping. With the knowledge of what materials to gravitate toward and which ones to avoid, shopping online or in person can be found just about anywhere. Luckily, there are many natural fabrics that don’t harm animals!

Materials To Avoid

Generally, vegans don’t wear products derived from animals, such as fur, leather, wool, and silk. But it can extend to other materials:

  • cashmere
  • fleece
  • down
  • alpaca
  • mohair
  • pashmina

Why To Buy Vegan

One of the most important reasons to buy plant-based clothing is the need to stay away from animal products. For many vegans, it’s important that they are animal-free inside their body as well as outside. However, cruelty-free products are also appealing to people who aren’t necessarily dedicated vegans.

With that in mind, materials that are recycled, organic, and sustainable as well as animal-free are the first priority on this list. Alternatively, availability isn’t as much of a challenge because most of the products can be ordered online from the respective website.

Lastly, pricing and brand names were taken into account. Much like any clothing line, vegan clothing runs the full spectrum from affordable to high-end luxury.

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