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On average women spend about 11 minutes a day putting on cosmetics. It is a process that has many advantages to both your physical and mental health. To have an excellent result, you have to use a product that suits your personality and your budget. Logically, the quality of the tools you use will determine the finished result.

Whether you usually put on makeup or not, you’ve probably used a makeup brush. It is a basic tool that can be used daily, and if it’s a quality brush it can be used for years to come. They are the best trick to be able to hide those facial imperfections or add that extra glow you desire.

While applying makeup involves many tools, in this article, we are going to list a top of the six best makeup brushes set on the market. Today’s tools are developed to the point that they save you both time and money. So if you still have that old makeup brush, move it aside and get one of the products that we suggest in this article.

Quicklook: Best Makeup Brushes

If you want to have a total experience with your makeup you need good brushes. Using these products have become a must in everyone’s routine and that is why you have to know the function that each of the brushes has. There is a huge variety of types that stand out by the size, length, animal hair or synthetic, etc.

The wonderful world of makeup gives you the opportunity to have many products with different functions at your fingertips. Regarding the brushes, the first thing is to differentiate them by the kind of brush. Whether it is natural or synthetic it will be used for one thing or another, or maybe both. The synthetic brush, being more resistant, is applied for liquid makeup. Natural hair brushes are more suitable for powdered products. Even so, today companies have worked to offer cheaper synthetic brushes that offer a more consistent product than natural.

What to Look for Makeup Brushes

The Touch

Before buying any, you should first feel the brush. Some may be more or less smoother, they could weigh more or be larger than others. You have to choose the correct brush based on your preferences.


Some products are handmade and others are not. In addition, the brush can be synthetic or natural, something that is related to the price of the product. The kind of material is one of the most important attributes for consumers.


Even though some of these products are a bit more expensive than others, you do not have to think about the price since it will be a win-win for the future. It is better to get high-quality brushes that last a long time and feel good on your skin than a cheap one that might end up in the trash. Sometimes you need to pay more for these kinds of products if you want to save money in the future.


You have to know what to use each product for. There are many types according to the hair, size or cut. To make sure that you choose the ideal brush for you, we have chosen a list of the six most popular brushes on the market. All of them, in addition to working effectively, will be a great addition to your collection. Also, it is important to keep the brushes clean, this way they will work optimally for many years.

Highly Rated

We have asked regular makeup consumers, as well as makeup artists for their opinion on today’s products. With such a wide range of brands and types, we have chosen a total of six companies that sell the best brushes. Nowadays, there are many tutorials from experts on social networks that have helped us to have a better vision of the market. Once the products have been tested, we have based our criteria on their performance and quality, one of the most important aspects for consumers.

Top 6 Makeup Brushes


Sigma Brush Set
Sigma Brush Set Starting at $153.99

Many professionals and influencers have listed Sigma as one of the best. The company has achieved many successes for its quality brush kits and for the great value for money. You can find this Essentials Brush Set for $153.99 on Amazon.


  • A lot of variety on the set.
  • Precise application, you don’t need to apply too much product.
  • Soft brushes.


  • Brush sizes are on the smaller side.

Get The Essentials Brush Set from Sigma

Sedona Lace

Sedona Lace Brush Set
Sedona Lace Brush Set Starting at $115

This American company features high-quality products at affordable prices. Sedona Lace offers a large number of brushes both synthetic and natural hair. Recommended consistently by professional artists, Youtubers, and multiple print media outlets this brand is a perfect blend of professional grade products that any makeup lover can purchase.


  • Easy to handle and use on the face.
  • Super soft.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • High quality.


  • Some professionals recommend them more for personal use rather than on clients.

Get the 13-piece Sedona Lace Vortex Synthetic Brush Set

Real Techniques

Reach Techniques Brush Set
Get all of these Real Techniques brushes for $59

Real Techniques products stand out for their low price but super soft brushes. Perfect if you are starting in the world of makeup, they feature for its broad-based rubber handle for easy handling. It is a company that improves itself year after year. Today you can have a large number of makeup products with a great value for money ratio. You can purchase single brushes starting at $4. These are the most affordable brushes on our list and work great for beginners or younger artists looking to get many brushes for a low price.


  • Extremely soft.
  • Affordable.
  • It applies makeup products perfectly.


  • Not for professional use

Get Real Techniques Brushes


Artis Elite 10 Brush Set
Artis Elite 10 Brush Set for $370

With an attractive design and with a different look from the models of other companies, Artis stands out for the quality of the brush. Their products are easy to handle and apply makeup perfectly. Known for their soft bristle and oval design, Artis has shaken up the makeup industry with these uniquely shaped brushes. Although there are many imitators, be sure to but from Artis. You can get this Elite 10 Brush Set for $370.


  • You can buy it in two different colors.
  • Revolutionary blending.
  • Precise application.
  • Perfect finish.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • It’s a different product, it takes a little getting used to its shape.

Get the Artis Elite 10 Brush Set


Sephora Tools of the Trade Brush
Sephora Tools of the Trade Brush Set $89

If you are looking for a set of brushes to use daily and at an affordable price, Sephora has got your back. Its collections have many high-quality model options. In addition, the brand also includes a brush protector that will let you keep the products longer. If you are interested in this set, you can get it for $89.


  • Great performance.
  • Traditional design.
  • Great price.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Antimicrobial technology to combat the formation of bacteria.


  • The eye brush quality is not the best.


Zoeva Brush Set for $104
Zoeva Brush Set for $104

With Zoeva products you will feel that you have found your best companion. It has a very varied catalog, with synthetic and natural brushes that vary in price. It is a great brand for its quality-price ratio. This Classic Brush Set is available for $104.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Brushes are soft and blend makeup well.
  • Perfect for traveling and beginners.


  • The brush might shed when you first purchase.

A Wide Variety of Products at your Fingertips

You will be able to find the desired products easily since the market gives you many options. Now that you know the types of brushes, in addition to the top six of the best brushes, you can go and buy your favorites. Find your perfect kit and get creative!

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