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Babies are one of the greatest gifts for parents. The family begins to grow and it does not matter if it is the first, second or third, the joy of incorporating another member is always awesome. We try to give each of the kids the best there is, whether it’s toys, clothes or personal needs. The family strives to provide the baby a life full of happiness with all kinds of products. If you are expecting a baby or have already had it and do not know what toys to buy, pay attention to this article.

Buying baby toys may seem like a simple task, but it is a complicated process. There are a wide variety of toys for children, so you have to find the right product. The product market is very broad, and that is why we can not get carried away by the first commercial we see. This is because there is usually always a product of better quality and price. We must be sure that we take the best gift to the baby, since we usually buy what is fashionable without knowing if the product matches the child’s taste.

Quicklook: Best Baby Toys

  • Best for Infants: Sofia La Giraffe
  • Best for Tummy Time: Crib & Floor Baby Mirror Developmental Toy by Sassy
  • Best Toy for 6-Month-Old: Baby Einstein Octoplush
  • Best for Walkers: Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper and Baby’s First Blocks
  • Best for Infants to Toddler: Playnest and Gym
  • Best for Sensory Development: Manhattan Toy Co Winkel

Baby Toy Quality

Baby toys mean fun and distraction. But not only that, since there are many factors that surround that product and the most important is learning. Companies usually create toys that include entertaining aspects that help the baby to achieve proper development of their senses. Although this process is not usually paid attention to when we purchase a toy, it is a basic need that the little ones require to move on to the next steps in life.

Having a happy, engaging first few months of life are essential to the baby’s health and development. That’s why you have to stimulate the little ones with toys that contribute to the improvement of their five senses. We have to be careful with the toys we choose since they will be integral to the baby’s development. Any toy must be safe and not contain dangerous elements, in addition to being appropriate to the age. We can’t either be tempted to buy a lot of toys, because quality and variety are usually better than quantity. The key is not in the most expensive or best advertised product, but in the one that fits their sensory needs. If you are new as parents or if you simply want to know about the best toys on the market, we have created a list of the best toys for babies.

Tips before buying a toy:

• They have to be resistant to bites.

• They have to be washed easily, hygiene is a very important factor.

• Toys with vibrant sounds and colors.

• Make sure that the material is not toxic or has anything sharp that could hurt the baby.

• The size of the toy and its accessories.

What to look for in Best Baby Toys


To ensure that we are attentive to the real market price, we have offered a list of toys with different prices. Toys vary in price according to their quality and size, so in the following list you can see a variety of products that fits your pocket.


This factor is the most important of all. We have to choose coherently which is the toy that best suits the needs and age of the baby. We can not buy a toy too complicated to use, or with very small pieces to the child, as it could be dangerous. Also, you have to think that babies start using toys when they are around three months old.


When the baby is born, an adventure begins to develop all the senses as it grows. To help improve this process, there are very effective and useful products that increase their learning capacity. In the following list, all products are, to a greater or lesser extent, ideal for babies to learn and develop naturally.


It is common to see children breaking all kinds of things very easily, since they like to experiment and touch everything. That is why it is necessary to buy the most durable toy on the market, and so the baby can enjoy it for as long as possible. To corroborate the quality of the product, in the following list we explain in detail the pros and cons of each one.


Try to always choose toys with different purposes. In this way, your child will thank you for being entertained. We have selected products of different styles to help you choose that perfect gift for the baby.


After a research process we have chosen a list of the six best baby toys. This is something very important for parents, since normally when the first baby arrives, they do not know what to buy. To solve this, we have investigated different aspects to select the perfect product. Once we reviewed plenty of opinions, we reviewed companies and professionals in this sector. After listening to their opinions we have created this list to see which are the most popular and demanded products. Social networks and personal blogs have also helped us to write the following list.

Top 6 Baby Toys

Best for Infants: Sophie La Girafe

This product is one of the most popular toys on this list. It is an irresistibly cute item for parents and children. It is a natural rubber biter easy to hold and attractive to babies.


  • It is fun for the baby because it produces noises when tightening the belly.
  • Real relief for when they’re teething.
  • Made with all natural rubber and food-safe dyes.


  • It is complicated to clean the interior, and if you are not careful it can begin to have mold.

Best for Tummy Time: Crib & Floor Baby Mirror Developmental Toy by Sassy

With this gift, the baby will be able to see himself or herself for the first time in a mirror. It is that special moment in which the baby begins to see the first movements and way they look. In addition, it includes two stuffed animals in the form of bee and ladybug. This floor mirror encourages recommended tummy time.


  • The baby begins to understand their reflection.
  • Colors and accessories keep the child entertained.
  • Makes tummy time more enjoyable.


  • The base is not completely stable so it may fall often.
  • The quality of the mirror is not very high so it distorts the reflection.

Best Toy for 6 Month Old: Baby Einstein Octoplush

This eye-catching toy will become your baby’s best friend. Its colors, melodies, and texture will keep the baby entertained for long periods of time. With this product, you will ensure that your kid has a faithful companion forever!


  • You can find it in many physical stores and also online.
  • Colorful, soft and cheerful.
  • Teach colors in three languages if you squeeze the legs.
  • Includes classic short songs on the legs and on the head when squeezed.
  • Easy-to-use volume settings.


  • The buttons can be locked and the music plays constantly.

Best for Walkers: Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper and Baby’s First Blocks

This is one of the most complete products since it incorporates two games. It is a pack with a plastic dome that emits sounds when hitting it and a block with holes to insert different shapes.


  • Resistant and easy to use.
  • Help the development of identification skills.
  • Incorporates music that encourages and makes the baby happy.
  • It starts introducing the baby the first colors, shapes, and sounds.


  • The car with the plastic dome does not remain attached to the ground and usually falls if the baby puts his or her weight on it.
  • It is easy to lose the pieces of the block.
  • The block’s pieces are small-medium size, so you have to be careful in case the baby bites it.

Best for Infants to Toddler: Playnest and Gym

This toy incorporates many play areas. The baby sits in the inner cushion and can enjoy different activities that stimulate the development of coordination.


  • Can be used from newborn to one year old+
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry, as well as safe for the baby by the padded ring.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry, as well as safe for the baby by the padded ring.
  • It is colorful and incorporates a mirror on the top.
  • It can be washed easily.


  • If the padded ring is punctured it is difficult to find another similar piece.

Best for Sensory Development: Manhattan Toy Co Winkel

With a very striking design in which soft and narrow colored tubes predominate, this product is one of the parents’ favorites. It contains a central rattle to which the tubes are connected. It’s great if your baby has sore gums and wants to bite.


  • Help to develop gross motor skills.
  • If you put it in the fridge before giving it to the baby, this will give them relief when they teeth.
  • It’s very fun to use for babies.
  • Quality materials.
  • Cheap and easy to buy.


  • Hard to clean.
  • It is for children between 0 and 24 months, but the perfect age to use it is around three months. Then the children do not pay so much attention to the product.

Fun and learning equally

We try to give our children everything we possibly can, but sometimes forget how important some toys can be for their development. The toys on this list all fit in those categories and will help provide a healthy fun environment for your child.

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